I recently got myself one of all the cheap chinese made handheld radios and wanted to share some things.

The model I got is a KSUN UV60-D

Aliexpress link

It covers a wide range of frequencies in RX/TX and an even wider range in RX.

It is also sometimes known as: Ksun TFSI X-TFSI Quansheng UV-K5 Radtel RT-590 Wurui K5 KSUN UV60D Retevis RA79

Managing the radio is easy using CHIRP (CHIRP-new to be specific), this model is not listed but using one if the aliases I have sucessfully configured it. A Baofeng cable such as the one below works well for programming.

Aliexpress link

The cable is really just a USB to UART adapter with the proper connector for the radios attached to it.

I did also get a longer antenna for it, similar to the one below.

Aliexpress link.

The radio has mostly been used as a scanner to listen to the nearby Airport and various other sources. I have also used it to talk to some simpler PMR radios nearby and that works great even using a lower transmission effect. There is an open frequency I would like to use that it cannot transmit on out of the box, but I have seen mention of other firmware that should open that up and I will need to investigate further.

Overall I am very satisfied with the radio. I have seen that there has started to appear add-on boards for it which I feel might be worth looking into later.

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