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How many people can read hex
if only you and DEAD people can read hex?

This is a joke I heard years and years ago that stuck with me.

The solution is obviously (to some) that dead is a valid hexadecimal number as hexadecimal - which is base 16 as opposed to base 10 for "normal" decimal n...

Short on howto setup a default SSL server config for nginx.

Sometimes a webserver is required for some reason. Those times SSL/TLS is also usually required. Some of those times a shared server is used.

For quite some time now SNI (Server Name Indication) has been there to make this work.


Link to the CTF itself
Extraterrestrial CTF


As an Open Source Intelligence analyst, you have been tasked with locating Activia Productions' project manager and recruiter, Khalil Askerman, who disappeared shortly after leaving for a company sponsored trip. According to fa...

As a reason to structure my CTF (capture the flag) notes I have decided to start posting them here, the exact format is still a work in progress and I will likely have to go back and edit things a few times. However it would be nice to have them collected in one place for myself if nothing else, as...

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Getting persistent root in a few simple steps by dumping the filesystem directly from the memory chip of an IP camera.

This is a short write up of a presentation I gave during spring and summer at among others 2600 Malmö that was in turn based on this very draft of working with a particular camera...